What now for gosa?

Trendgosa will continue to grow our business in Victoria, just as GOSA has done for almost 30 years, however while we will be adding even more value to our projects in Victoria, we plan to offer our services to other States by establishing more joint ventures.

Our vision is to provide a mixed source solution for large and medium sized builders that combines local site measure, project management and prompt turn around manufacture, with overseas procurement to meet high volume requirements and produce cost savings.  

By mid 2018, we have a new manufacturing facility in China, Nantong City Jiangsu Provence, with an area of 15,000,000 m2 and potential to double our production volume in the coming years. This facility will cater for both our local Australian and the China market using our integrated Australian manufacturing quality methodologies. 

With collective knowledge and expertise, we will hold a very strong presence in our market.